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What are the differences between our Indoor and Outdoor Wicker Furniture?

Most of our outdoor Wicker furniture will commonly use synthetic vinyl and resins as the environmental demands that are placed on the furniture are much tougher. For our outdoor furniture, they need to resist elements such as moisture, the sun and dryness depending on the climate of your location. We then use natural materials for indoor furniture as they are more protected.

So how is the Wicker Outdoor Furniture made?

The process of weaving either natural or synthetic materials together should be done by hand. The time it will take to create a finished piece will highly depend on how complex the furniture is but most outdoor Wicker furniture suites are usually made within 45 days.

The structure of a piece is made from the ground up and with the base Wicker layer being made first so that the sides and the top can all be interweaved correctly. Depending on the material, it may be soaked thoroughly so it can be manipulated to meet the designer’s demands and so it is easier to wear with other pieces of material. Every strand is laid next to each other and the manufacturer starts by creating the weave around a wire frame which is layered one by one to build the full wicker effect. Each section is then dried out until it forms a solid structure.

How to care for your Wicker Outdoor Furniture

It is important to keep the Wicker outdoor furniture dry, as moisture can cause some damage. You should carefully wipe down the furniture if it becomes wet. Keeping the furniture away from too much sun exposure is advised as this can sometimes cause splintering, depending on certain types of Wicker. Large umbrellas or placing the furniture in a protected location can help retain its looks and quality for years.

It is important to know what material you are working with and how to work with it, creating these types of furniture is a long and complex task but highly rewarding. At The Cane Industries, we offer replacement cushions and covers so you can bring your furniture back to life, we have over 60 fabrics and multiple designs to choose from. If you want to save yourself time and effort, to purchase high-quality Wicker Outdoor Furniture from manufacturers with unparalleled experienced and knowledge, take a look at our furniture gallery to see our range of Outdoor Wicker Furniture or you can contact us here.