Velvet (non-reversible)

Aquaclean is an advanced upholstery protection, it means: The most stubborn stains can be removed easily with just water The Aquaclean finish covers each fibre with an invisible molecular coating. The fabrics marked with this logo are available with this special technology to give you peace of mind that your furniture is easy to clean and protected from staining.

Sherwood 4939
velvet Sahara 4935
velvet Rosselli Stripe 4913
velvet Pila 4931
velvet Palm 4934
Monet Stripe Ebony 4904
velvet Iris 4929
velvet Haze 4932
velvet Halo 4933
Fragrance 4926
blue Fjord 4938
Essence 4927
velvet Dune 4936
Crescendo 4937
Beauty 4925
blue 4AC04