Velvet (non-reversible)

Aquaclean is an advanced upholstery protection, it means: The most stubborn stains can be removed easily with just water The Aquaclean finish covers each fibre with an invisible molecular coating. The fabrics marked with this logo are available with this special technology to give you peace of mind that your furniture is easy to clean and protected from staining.

Phoebe 3968
Lara 3967
Hanna 3966
Amazon 3965
Foxley 3963
Fontaine 3964
Orissa 3961
Gable 3962
Glade 3960
blue Voss 3954
Summer 3934
velvet Sakura 3937
velvet Roselli Floral 3912
Richie 3958
Oasis 3938
Mykonos 3940
Melody 3956
Laurel 3945
Jig 3939
Deco 3941
Cora 3959
Bouquet 3946
Astra 3957
blue 3AC03
blue 3AC02