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About Cane
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Est. 1980

Family Business

Established in 1980, we have unparalleled experience, knowledge and understanding when it comes to being an elegant and quality Cane, Wicker and Rattan Furniture Manufacturer.

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The highest quality…

We know that our discerning customers will only accept the highest quality furniture, so our impeccable standards and attention to detail are second to none.
We still manufacture all our cushions in our upholstery facility in the UK making sure that every piece of furniture is finished and appointed as intended.

Large selection…

With designs from classic to contemporary, in a range of sizes, and wide choice of fabrics and frame colours to choose from, we hope that you will find the perfect combination for your home.

Now upholstering Sanderson fabrics…sanderson

We are proud to offer our customers Sanderson fabrics on any of our ranges.
Sanderson are internationally renowned for their quintessentially English fabrics and interior design. They have been granted the Royal Warrant and still supply fabrics, paint and wall coverings to the Royal Family. Visit Sanderson’s website for fabric details, or contact a member of our sales team.

Made in

A Leading British Cane, Wicker and Rattan Furniture manufacturer…

We are proud to announce that we are Full Members of the British Furniture Manufacturers trade association. We are the only Cane and Rattan Furniture Manufacturer to be members of this prestigious organisation. The BFM have been representing British furniture for over 60 years and only British Manufacturers of the highest quality are invited to become members.

Environmentally friendly…

Our furniture is made up using only the finest Cane and Rattan found in South- East Asia. As it needs the rainforests and jungles in order for it to grow as it is a creeper and needs to wrap itself around trees and other vegetation, it encourages the communities that harvest this material to preserve the rainforests and jungles in which they are found. Cane and Rattan can be fully grown and harvested within two years, compare that to the 20-30 years for some hardwoods and you can see why rattan is one of the most sustainable materials to use in furniture manufacturing.

Original designs…

As a Cane, Wicker and Rattan Furniture Manufacturer, we are proud to be a member and support the aims and objectives of the trade organisation ACID (Anti Copying in Design). Which encourages design talent and developing fairer trade in design.
All copyright, design rights and intellectual property rights existing in our designs and products and in the images, text and design of our website / marketing material are and will remain the property of The Cane Industries (UK) Ltd. We will treat any infringement of these rights seriously.

Why Cane and Rattan Furniture?

The furniture you choose to put into your conservatory, orangery, summer room, etc. will have to be up to the challenge these variations in temperature, humidity and light conditions present and must be robust enough to deal with them whilst being comfortable, practical and good looking in your home.

Our Rattan and Cane Furniture is the ideal material for your conservatory:

  • It’s a natural material that is flexible enough to expand and contract with the temperature changes.
  • It’s strong and hard-wearing.
  • It is not sensitive to humidity unlike the hidden wooden frames of some furniture.
  • Our cushions on all our ranges are removable for cleaning and replacement.
  • We manufacture all the upholstery for all of our ranges and can supply replacement cushions and covers many years after you have purchased your suite.

With our Cane and Rattan Furniture, you will be able to get many years of enjoyment out of your conservatory all year round without any problems that can be posed by this harsh environment. You also have the knowledge that with our replacement cushion service, after many years you will still be able to refresh and update your furniture at a much smaller cost than if you were to buy a whole new suite of furniture.

See our exclusive range of Rattan and Cane Furniture here.